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At Ethnotrot, we are passionate about helping you achieve optimal health through herbal education, cultural immersion, and lifestyle changes. Our mission is to empower you to become self-sufficient in managing your health, while embracing the healing wisdoms of different cultures. Our Fair Trade partnerships promote global cooperative economic practices in agriculture.

Self-Care Products

We offer a range of high-quality, ethically sourced self-care products to support your health and wellness journey. Our products include herbal remedies, teas, skincare, and aromatherapy products, all made with natural and organic ingredients.

Our Services

We offer personalized consultations, community workshops, public speaking engagements, and bodywork to support your journey towards your best self.


 to empower individuals in becoming self sufficient in their health journey, as they embrace plant healing wisdom from citizens around the globe


for humanity to live in harmony with their neighbors in nature

About The Founder

Venus Raquel is a national and international traveler who explores the intersections between plants, people, and culture. Her interest in herbalism combined with her strategic storytelling nature fueled her to demystify and simplify the subject of ethnobotany with her Ethnotrots around the globe.