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Bush Gyal Tingz: JUST JAMAICA 2020

In my 2020 pre-Covid trip to Maroontown, Jamaica; I tested Zora’s notion that Maroons were “human engines” as my mother & I booked a historically rich Airbnb with acres of bamboo, sugarcane, & pineapples rolling to the end of the property, where we were met with a cave. The local Rasta man and groundskeeper gave us a personal tour. He was a kind and quiet man, stopping occasionally to yield his machete on some ripe fruit for us. In the end, Zora was right. The maroons have far more stamina than us, no matter their age or physique.


As you may know, I love art. All mediums! So this compilation is composed of shots I took in a North Minneapolis community garden near my house and North Commons park. It is cared for by a queer person named May. They live in South Minneapolis but I love that they took the time to sow seeds into the N MPLS community. Every summer I take my son down to this garden and teach him how to determine the ripeness of the cherry tomatoes and strawberries. Meanwhile, I admire the beautiful array of calendula, black eyed susans, and other medicinal beauties. Then, I pick some kale for that night’s dinner recipe. Community gardens are placemaking at their finest, especially when they are in the hood!